The Gladstone|UCSF Center for Cell Circuitry (GC3) 2019 is excited to announce the GC3 Inaugural Systems and Synthetic Biology Symposium.  The meeting will address quantitative research focused on cellular circuits in the context of systems and synthetic biology.

Tuesday, June 4

12.00pm - 5.00pm

Gladstone room 107 A/B 

From tiny viruses to complex organs, genetic circuits are fundamental to biology.  Circuits connect individual molecular components and allow cells to process signals and control decision-making. Therapeutically, cellular circuits have enormous potential; if these circuits can be mapped, we could repair broken circuits that lead to disease and disrupt specialized circuits in viruses and cancers. The 2019 GC3 Inaugural Systems and Synthetic Biology Symposium aims to bring together scientists exploiting gene circuits to answer biological questions from fundamental biology to therapeutics.

Lunch will be provided and a reception will be held afterwards.

More information:

(415) 734-4857

We are fascinated by the mechanisms viruses use to decide between alternate fates.

We use mathematical & experimental approaches to decode the regulatory principles viruses use to select between alternate fates.  We then exploit these principles to develop unique therapeutic targets and ultimately new antiviral strategies.



Weinberger Lab Fall 2018



Weinberger Lab (with a few Alumni). Fall 2014. J. David Gladstone Institutes. UCSF.